Numerology of 2019

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Welcome to 2019, the year of opening the heart.
On the first day of each year we have 1:1, the first of January. This is always a doorway of opportunity for us to walk through into the energy of the coming year. Imagine the two 1’s as the two sides of a doorway. It is always interesting to peruse the coming new year through the numerology of the numbers of the year, and of course this year is 2019.
If we add up all of the single digits we come to a 12. 2+0+1+9= 12
This says that we may have been feeling turned upside down in the world, that we may have had a challenging time. But the energy of this new year is one in which we can begin to feel more peaceful inside ourselves and as though we are now the “right way up” in the world. We can begin to learn to trust that all of life is a process, with all of its gifts and challenges. If we can learn to trust that life is a process then it is so much easier. Life flows in a much more congruent way if we can allow ourselves to flow with the stream of life.
We each have a light within us which is our connection with our spirit, with our divine nature. This spark of light, or consciousness, is our guide. Breathe deeply and connect with this light within the centre of your being and it will guide you on your life path.
The 12 comes together as a 3. 1+2=3, which is the number of the heart, so this is also a year of the heart. Trust your heart and your connection with mother earth. She is our great teacher. To connect with nature is so very healing for us. Where possible take off your shoes and walk barefoot upon the earth. We then can tune into her vibration and the healing which she offers to us. Our shoes so often have plastic soles which disconnect us from the earth, making us feel separate. Feel the grass, sand or soil between your toes and know that you are one with the earth.
This is a year for connecting with our inner wisdom which has always been buried deep within each us. Now is time to restore our inner knowing. Honouring our ancestors and the elders, the wise ones within our community. Life can be so very rich. The older we become we have a whole wealth of life experience under our belt. We view the world from a different place. Our values may change. Honour the elder within you and listen to the still, small voice within.
I wish you many blessings for 2019, a fruitful and abundant new year full of love and dreams fulfilled. Blessings,Sarah x


  1. Hi Sarah. So lovely to see you out in the world in this way. You’re communion is always centred in love, stillness and truth. We are blessed to receive them in this way & others.
    Happy new year to you . Peace, light & love. Susan

    • Thank you so much Susan, the blogging sphere is a newer way for me, but a wonderful sharing of a feeling expression. With love, Sarah

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