Sarah has international reputation for her expertise and courses on the Essenes, and their practises in peacefulness and angels.  The Essene Communion with the Angels and the Sevenfold Path to Peace.   She is an advocate of conscious living, mindfulness and holistic well being.  She is a registered teacher with the Aura-Soma Academy, teaching the Aura-Soma courses to Advanced level.  Sarah also teaches the following angels courses: the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah with Aura-Soma; the Seven Angels of Peace of the Essenes: the Essene Tree of Life and the Angels.  Sarah has the gift of bringing ancient teachings from millennia ago, and making them real and relevant to life in our modern times.  She has great depth of knowledge of the ancient angelic traditions, and deep, intuitive insights into the world of the angels.

Sarah is the author of The Seven Angels of Peace, a book filled with ancient Essene wisdom for our modern times.  This book is currently in the process of being published and, excitingly, will be available for purchase by early 2020 at the latest.  For preview snippets of this book visit fb page Sarah Anne Barker Peace, Angels and Wellbeing.

Sarah is a gifted healer and therapist, who has the ability to bring a depth of healing to whatever situation maybe troubling the client, drawing on her years of experience, breadth of knowledge and a well-honed intuition.  As a therapist she can guide you to heal and let go of your self-limiting beliefs and blockages and enable you to grow and be the best, and the happiest, that you can be.

As a spiritual teacher and therapist, Sarah is passionate about personal and spiritual growth.   She lives the lifestyle which she espouses.  She is an ardent meditator, and the peaceful presence and mindfulness which she has, are part of her daily life practice and the courses which she teaches.

“I know from personal experience just how much Sarah can help to transform your world” B.T. Devonport, Tasmania

Graduating from the College of Craniosacral Therapy, in London in the early 90’s, was a life changing moment. Sarah then went on to train in other wellness modalities: the Aura-Soma Colour System, Reflexology, Kinesiology (Kinergetics), and Reiki.  Following on from this Sarah  built up a busy client practice in the UK, before emigrating to Australia in 2000.  She is now available for  client consultations at the Purple House in Forth, and Leven Traders Health, in Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Having originally been a medical scientist, Sarah understands both worlds of health care, using her breadth of knowledge and healing experience in her client consultation.

Consultations available in: Craniosacral Therapy, Aura-Soma Colour System, Kinesiology, Reflexology.