Invite the Angels of nature into your life.
Angels are everywhere around us, we actually breathe angel energy, we bathe in angel energy and we feel the warmth of the angels. Why?…because the elements which make up our world are angels, the sun, the water and the air which we breathe are angels. We are surrounded in each and every moment by the energy and the consciousness of angels. This is something which the ancients knew, that the consciousness of angels is part of every living, breathing moment. It is so empowering for us to know that angels are not something which are removed from our lives, somewhere detached from our reality in higher realms, but that we live in the realm of the angels, they are an intrinsic part of nature and we are infused their energy.

The wind, the breeze, even the gales and the storms are the Angel of Air. This is the same element which we breathe in, which gives us life. Open up your windows and ask the Angel of Air to come inside to refresh your living space. To invite in the Angel of Air cleanses old and stagnant thoughts from your personal space. To do this with intention creates a healing for our outer space, our home, and our inner space, our body, as we also breathe in the Angel of Air with each breath which we take.
If anything is troubling you, if you have constant thoughts going round and round in your mind, breathe in deeply and invite the Angel of Air into your mind and body, your inner temple. Breathe in this angel consciousness and as you let go on the out breath, you will find that your mind and your thoughts clear and they become peaceful again.

In the bigger world picture, human beings are generally completely unconscious to the fact that they are affecting our weather patterns, we are weather makers. Our thoughts know no boundaries, we think that they are contained within our minds, within our body, but this is not so. Our thoughts, as soon as we think them, fly free from our body and enter the world of air. Air moves around our planet quickly, creating gentle breezes, gales and hurricanes. We all need to wake up and take responsibility for our thoughts, because this energy, as it flies free affects the weather patterns and the consciousness upon the planet, a thought, once thought, is never destroyed. We need to wake up to the fact that our collective thoughts amass together to create the weather, affecting every living being and the living Earth Gaia herself.
To live more consciously invite the angels into your life, and breathe and think a little more consciously, living more mindfully is as simple as being more aware of our breath, our thoughts, and the possibility of letting go of anything which may be troubling you on the out breath.

The element of water is an Angel too. Whether it be one drop on a pane of glass, the water in a glass for drinking, or the vast ocean, it is all angel consciousness. We too are made of that consciousness as we are 70% water. We are feeling beings, and our emotions are aligned with the element of water. The Angel of Water is akin to love, call in the Angel of Water when you need support for your feelings, when you wish to wash something away. Even a shower with intent will cleanse your body and your emotions, recycling back to nature and the Earth. Bless the water which you drink by invoking the Angel of Water, and you will imbibe consciousness rich water and energy into every cell of your body. The Angels simply wait to be asked, and in faith, we only have to ask once.

The third Angel is the Angel of the Sun. We tend to take for granted that the sun shines each day, whether it is cloudy or clear, the sun is always there. We have become afraid of the sun, we cover our eyes with dark glasses, we smear our skins with oils and potions. The sun is the giver of life, nothing would live on this planet without the sun. Make friends with the sun and invoke the light of life, the Angel of the Sun into your life and into your body. Allow the gentle warm rays of the sun to cleanse your body and your soul with the fire of life. To connect with the Angel of the Sun is to connect with your spirit, we come from the world of fire, it is our natural home. We are light manifested at a material frequency, we are quite dense in these times, but invoke the Angel of the Sun to bring healing to your body, your spirit and your soul, and you will begin to build a body of light. Radiant as the sun and with a glowing aura, this is our destiny..

These are angels of the Mother Earth, and to invite her angels into our lives is an honouring of our mother, Gaia. Practise living consciously with her angels, as we were destined to, it is the path to true happiness and greater consciousness. Open your window to allow in the Angel of Air, so that you may breathe pure angel consciousness. Bathe with conscious intention as you cleanse your body and your feelings with the Angel of Water, and invite the Angel of the Sun to fill your body with light and with love as you walk in nature. Enjoy, Sarah x