We are hearing so much about the Earth and the ecosystem.  We are in a time a great change and there is a lot of fear.  The Earth is changing her face, this is pre-destined process, and we are all part of this process.  It may surprise many, but the Earth is the instigator of her own process of change, which then stimulates change for ourselves too. 

The Earth is a conscious, sentient being.  She is intelligent and is aware of how humanity has taken from her without gratitude and respect.  She feels pain when we dig deep underneath her skin with our mines.  This time of great challenge, of extinctions and changing weather patterns is a consequence of these things.  But, it is more than that, it is time for the Earth to heal and transform.  This is the awakening crisis point, it is our ground zero as a species.  

I do not, however, believe that we are at a point of no return.  I believe it is part of a resurgence.  Sometimes we need something which makes us feel uncomfortable, or even fearful, before we will embrace change.  An event, or situation, which makes us reassess our current situation.  This is part of human nature, to remain in a slumbering state, until an alarm wakes us up.  

This time of great challenge, of change, of waking up, was foretold by many ancient civilisations, especially the Mayans, the Hopi, and the Essenes.

The Essenes were a little different in their belief and their way of life, in that they believed in angels.  This is my path, that of the Essenes and the angels.  They believed that the way to peace was to live in harmony with the Earth and her angels.  That the Earth is surrounded by angels, as so are we.  The sun, the wind, the water, and the earth are all giant, cosmic angels.  The Earth herself has a guardian angel, the Angel of the Mother Earth. 

The Essenes taught that to live in harmony with the angels is to create the peaceful life which we wish to live.  The angels nurture the soil and all of the microscopic beings who live in the earth.  They nurture the crops, plants and trees as they grow.  The Angel of Water brings love to the ocean and all of the creature who swim and live in her waters.  The Angel of Air brings calm to our thoughts, and the winds which blow around the planet.  

Feel yourself touched by the angels as you stand outside in nature, in the warmth of the sun, and the kiss of the breeze. The angels hear our thoughts and feel our feelings. 

The angels are a solution to our current dilemma of fear and separation.  We have believed we are separate from the Earth and her angels for millennia, now is the time to redress the imbalance and return to wholeness and harmony, peace and simplicity.  

Next time you are outside, find a green spot and take off your shoes.  Be still, just for a moment, and tune into the Earth beneath your feet.  She will feel you, recognise you, and she will acknowledge your connection.  Seven billion people can simply acknowledge the Earth by taking off their shoes and feeling her beneath their soles, connecting their soul with the soul of the Earth.  Positive change begins in these simple ways.  Take time, connect with the Earth, nature and her angels.