Gosh, what happened.  One minute we were living our lives each in our own particular way, and the next we are here!

Let’s track back to last November when the Aura-Soma bottle B117, Pan, was born, indicative of a huge shift in the collective unconscious. 

Or we can track back 5126 years ago to 3114 BC! 

According to the Mayan teachings we are soon to enter the beginning of the new time, or the new age as many have called it. The last new cycle of time began 5126 years ago, the long cycle of time, or the long count as the Mayans called it. 

The approaching new time was foretold by the Mayans, the Essenes, the Hopi Indians and many other wise cultures.  We are actually on track, although it may not feel so at the moment. 

5126 years ago, in 3114BC, a huge cycle of time began as identified by the Mayan calendar.  This cycle of time completed on 21st December 2012. You may remember this date as a day when many people thought the world was going to end.  It obviously didn’t end but it was actually the ending or the closing of a huge cycle of time. 

Following on from December 2012 the Mayans identified seven lunar months, called the seven moons out of time, which took us up to July 24th 2013 and then seven years which would take us up to July 24th 2020.  

Seven years and seven lunar months which we can think of as the “time between time.”  The time between the closing of the old cycle of time and the beginning of the new one. The time between the old age and the new age, which we are fast approaching.  

The much awaited new time, the new age, formally begins on July 26th 2020, as foretold and recorded by the Mayans. Their annual calendar completes on July 24 each year and commences on July 26 each year. July 25th always being a day of celebration, a day between time. 

Where we are now as we near the completion of the “time between time,” is a time of letting go of the old and of sowing new seeds of possibility for humanity and the planet..

According to the Mayan teachings the planet and humanity as a species have journeyed away from the central source of light of the galaxy over hundreds of thousands of years,  and now we are turning the corner to travel back towards the light at the centre of the galaxy.  Following the pre-destined trajectory of a huge galactic eliptic back towards the central sun at the centre of the galaxy.

Synchronicity and Aura-Soma

When a new Aura-Soma bottle is born it is a reflection of what is happening in the collective unconscious of humanity and the planet. Even though most people don’t realise it, we all live within an ocean of consciousness, a global unconscious mind akin to an invisible ocean of mind. 

We can look at the name of Pan as a prefix, it is something which affects all. The same as we are all affected by everyone else’s thoughts.  No man is an island as they say.  

Pantheism is the worship of the god in all of nature, the divinity within each and every leaf and blade of grass. Represented by the Green Man.

Pandemic is a a phenomenon which affects all in a potentially challenging and unhealthy way and which can lead to panic. 

So you see that the Pan energy touches everyone on the planet. As either an enlightened spiritual consciousness as in pantheism for example, or panic… fear. 

The greater pandemic which is happening is actually fear.  The colours of B117 are turquoise/ red.  Turquoise is the collective unconscious and how we are each connected, as we are each one drop in the collective ocean of the group mind.  Red is where we are dealing with issues to do with survival, material things such as income, and it is also the awakening energy. 

There is a huge potential during these times for people to awaken and readdress how they live their lives. It is often that which makes us uncomfortable which makes us look for change. 

B117, Pan is something which touches all, we are all in this together.  It gives us the opportunity to embrace change, to wake up to new possibilities in the red rather than to be reactive and try to push away what we don’t want.  The turquoise is about how we are connecting through the ethers, the internet.  How we can become more compassionate to how our fellow human beings are feeling, what one feels we all feel.

It is so easy at this time to feel the fear, but it is not just our fear it is everyones fear.  As a species we have always lived in a kind of collective soup of emotions and thoughts but it takes something like this for us to recognise this, to wake up to how we are invisibly connected. 

Recommendations during these times. 

How can we support ourselves in these times, it is so easy to feel affected by the pandemic of fear which is gripping the world.  

Focus on positive thoughts. Whatever we focus on is what will grow. Focus on love, warmth and caring instead of the fear and then these positive qualities will grow. As they say love and fear cannot exist in the same space.

To bring a positive energy into your personal space I highly recommend using the following Aura-Soma products. 

  • The Aura-Soma Pink Pomander to bring the energies of love, warmth and caring into your auric field. 
  • The Aura-Soma White Pomander to cleanse the entire energy field of any negativity and to bring in the light.
  • We can also use pink and white air conditioners to energetically refresh and cleanse our  homes and workplaces.  A little spray of white in each corner followed by pink in the centre of the room.  You could also choose to use a blue to bring in some more peace, or green to bring in a sense of space. Both especially useful during these days of lockdown. 
  • I regularly do the blue globe and star meditation.  I don’t know what I would do without it.  It makes me feel so centred, calm and clear. I am looking at doing weekly group zoom meditations to support those who would like to join in.  It’s so important to feel connected in these times and to create peace.
  • Daily use of an Aura-Soma Equilibrium oil to support ourselves in our own particular process in these times.  In every challenge there is always a gift and these magical coloured oils help us to create a positive outcome during these times. 

As a previous microbiologist I certainly have a healthy respect for viruses and especially coming into the winter months. It is very helpful to take some supplementation to support our body and immune system. Here is a simple selection of healthy giving tips:

Take a daily probiotic, 1000mg Vitamin C and an immune boosting supplement such as olive leaf extract.  

A daily dose of sunshine, so very important especially as we head into the winter months.  Sunlight, and even the light on a grey day, are so important for our hormonal and immune systems to function optimally. The light positively affects our pineal gland which repercusses throughout the whole hormonal system.  We can do this simply by spending time outside in nature, or even better by looking at the sun through closed eyelids for about 10 minutes per day at least.  Our eyes are designed not only to see with but to also take light into our body and brain.   

Eat plenty of whole foods and vegetables bringing in lots of colours, especially the yellow and orange foods.  

If you are prone to SAD, seasonal affected disorder, the Aura-Soma sunlight bottle is amazing at bringing the sunshine into the cells of your body, creating a feeling of optimism and happiness.  

Remember you are not alone, the turquoise of Pan is saying that we are all in this together. This is an awakening time for humanity as we journey towards the beginning of the new time. This is an incredibly freeing moment in time for humanity and the planet.  The bubble has burst and we have kind of landed in a big splat, wondering what on earth has happened. In a way the bubble had to burst as we couldn’t carry on as we were, we just thought we could.  

Take time, be kind to yourself and to others.

Love, compassion and community are the way forward.