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Pan and the time we live in.

Posted by on Apr 23, 2020 in Aura-Soma, Aura-Soma products, My blog | 0 comments

Gosh, what happened.  One minute we were living our lives each in our own particular way, and the next we are here! Let’s track back to last November when the Aura-Soma bottle B117, Pan, was born, indicative of a huge shift in the collective unconscious.  Or we can track back 5126 years ago to 3114 BC!  According to the Mayan teachings we are soon to enter the beginning of the new time, or the new age as many have called it. The last new cycle of time began 5126 years ago, the long cycle of time, or the long count as the Mayans called it.  The approaching new time was foretold by the...

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Heal the Earth with the Angels

Posted by on Sep 26, 2019 in Angels, Essene, My blog | 4 comments

We are hearing so much about the Earth and the ecosystem.  We are in a time a great change and there is a lot of fear.  The Earth is changing her face, this is pre-destined process, and we are all part of this process.  It may surprise many, but the Earth is the instigator of her own process of change, which then stimulates change for ourselves too.  The Earth is a conscious, sentient being.  She is intelligent and is aware of how humanity has taken from her without gratitude and respect.  She feels pain when we dig deep underneath her skin with our mines.  This time of great...

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Numerology of 2019

Posted by on Jan 11, 2019 in My blog | 2 comments

Welcome to 2019, the year of opening the heart. On the first day of each year we have 1:1, the first of January. This is always a doorway of opportunity for us to walk through into the energy of the coming year. Imagine the two 1’s as the two sides of a doorway. It is always interesting to peruse the coming new year through the numerology of the numbers of the year, and of course this year is 2019. If we add up all of the single digits we come to a 12. 2+0+1+9= 12 This says that we may have been feeling turned upside down in the world, that we may have had a challenging time. But the...

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We are One with the Earth

Posted by on Dec 14, 2018 in Angels, Essene, My blog | 0 comments

The Earth is a conscious, living being.  She has a mental body, the planetary mind, and she also has an emotional body.  She is sentient and she knows where each one of us is on the planet at any moment in time.   We are intimately connected and completely interdependent with the being of the Earth, we are not separate.  The ego of humanity has led us to believe that we can take from the Earth whatever we wish and it will not affect her.  We have believed, and many still do, that we can pollute the Earth with no ill effect. This has happened because we have thought that we are...

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Invite the Angels of Nature into your Life

Posted by on Sep 29, 2018 in Angels, Essene, Featured, My blog | 0 comments

Invite the Angels of nature into your life. Angels are everywhere around us, we actually breathe angel energy, we bathe in angel energy and we feel the warmth of the angels. Why?…because the elements which make up our world are angels, the sun, the water and the air which we breathe are angels. We are surrounded in each and every moment by the energy and the consciousness of angels. This is something which the ancients knew, that the consciousness of angels is part of every living, breathing moment. It is so empowering for us to know that angels are not something which are removed from our...

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