archangel sandalphon tarot


As we share we grow, an essential tenet of being an Aura-Soma teacher.  The Essene Communion with the Angels course continues to ground as I teach these wonderful wise words and practices from so long ago.

I realise more and more how relevant the energy of Archangel Sandalphon is to this whole teaching, particularly when I look at the image in the tarot card.  The Archangel Sandalphon, B98, lilac/pale coral, is particularly associated with the Earth, Malkuth, in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

This large angel brings the possibility of unity and unification.  In the Aura-Soma tarot image the lemniscate is in all directions bringing harmony between above and below, the male and female energies within, and also between our inner world and our outer world.  As we walk the seven Essene paths of peace, we come closer and closer to unification with this beautiful Tree of Angels, we become one.  It is as though the angels beckon us on towards the light and a place of peace and harmony, and yet, the Essene teaching states that the Angels mingle within us, within our centre, the unification we seek is already a part of us.

I feel more light infused as I sit with the Essene Tree of Life and the associated Aura-Soma bottles.  I feel joy that somehow, as we share this Essene teaching together we are contributing in some way to the birth of a new consciousness, the new Hue-man.  The seeds of the teaching were sown millennia ago with Enoch, who some say was from Atlantean times.  Later the message was taken into the Essene community and became one of their angelic practices.  Now the seed of the Essene Tree is able to germinate again, in the dawn of a new time with maybe more of a ‘coral’ consciousness.  An awareness which honours each and every one of us, the angels, all sentient beings, our Mother Earth and how we are all intimately connected.  With gratitude x